Ab Coaster: Good... But Only if You're Tall

by Helen
(New York)

Ab Coaster Cons:

I am 5ft 3in and I saw the commercials on tv. My local gym had one handy so I tried it out.

I guess you could say it works, but my knees only reached 2/3 the way through the pad on the bottom.

I would have to strain my shoulders to keep my arms in place where the handles are and use my knees to push the roller up.

The roller only went about halfway up so the progress is limited. I have seen the shorter people (usually women) try it out with the same results.

Ab Coaster Pros:

The taller women and men usually use it effectively.

I sweat a lot during the workout on the ab coaster, so I am guessing it still does something for the shorties out there.

I wouldn't say to avoid using it if it is available in the gym.

Just don't purchase it.

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