Motivational Strategies to Lose Weight

There are different approaches and motivational strategies to lose weight, but you have to find the ones that are best for your personality.

One this page, I want to focus on 2 completely opposite approaches to achieving goals-- Massive Action versus Small Changes.

Each approach has pros and cons, and your personality and personal situation might determine which strategy works best for you.

Massive Action = Massive Results?!

If you've listened to motivational speakers or read motivational books, you've likely heard the phrase "Massive Action = Massive Results".

It's such a simple concept. The more you work on something the more you get done.

One of the main benefits to taking massive action is that it's you can make more progress in a shorter time, and when you see results your motivation to continue towards your goal increases.

Many people give up, because they don't see any progress. Taking Massive Action increases the chances that you'll see results sooner rather than later, but it can be the wrong strategy for some people.

Some people may get frustrated that they can't spend more time on the pursuit of their goals, and some people might get burned out more quickly if they are taking massive action.

Getting totally immersed in the pursuit of a goal sounds great, but it's not always easy to change your life or situation dramatically in a short period of time.

For many people making small changes over a long period of time is a better strategy for achieving goals.

Small Changes = Lasting Results?!

When New Years comes many people start exercising like maniacs, but by the middle of February they are frustrated and burnt out.

The only way to maintain health goals is to focus on changing your lifestyle.

Taking massive action is a great way to get some positive momentum, but small maintainable changes can really yield lasting results.

It's much less likely that you'll get overwhelmed if you start small.

Finding Your Balance

Jumping in feet first and taking it slow are both ways effective ways to achieve health goals. You just have to find your balance between taking massive action and making small changes to your lifestyle.

If your job responsibilities have a seasonal fluctuation (like teaching or accounting) try to take massive action during the slow times and make small changes during the busy times.

If you like big challenges, set up an ambitious goal and go for it. But at the same time, make some little mini goals and do your best to stick to them.

Conclusion: Motivational Strategies to Lose Weight

Massive Action and Small Changes are both good motivational strategies to lose weight.

Sometimes, we fail to reach our goals because of a lack of effort, and if you have a health or fitness goal you should first evaluate your effort. Then, after evaluating your effort, evaluate your plan. If your effort is good, maybe your plan is lacking.

Remember, to achieve your goal, you'll have to work at it and be persistent regardless of your method. All you have to do is figure out the combination of massive action and small changes to your lifestyle that work best for your personality.

Best of Luck!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles Inniss

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