10 Hard Core Advanced Ab Exercises

by Mark
(Chicago, IL)

Here are 10 really hard core advanced ab exercises. You should be careful trying them if you're not in good shape. Some of them can be tough on the lower back.

10. Weighted Incline Sit Ups: Lie on an incline board and hold a weighted plate across your chest while doing sit ups.

9. Weighted Planks: You probably need a partner for this one. Basically, you get in a plank position and then you have a partner place a flat weight on your back.

This will really add to the intensity of the plank.

8. Plank Ski Jumps: This is a plyometric and core exercise. Get into the plank position, and while keeping the plank position jump from side to side.

Keep your feet together and your elbows on the floor, and just jump side to side 10-20 times.

7. Sit Ups with Medicine Ball Throws: You'll need a partner for this one too. Hold on to a medicine ball and when you do your sit up throw the medicine ball to your partner.

Wait for them to throw it back and then go down after you catch the ball. Repeat.

6. Cable Ball Crunches: Position a stability ball near a cable machine. Grab on to the handles on the cable machine so that it adds some weight to your abs.

5. Hanging Leg Raises (all the way to the ceiling). This one looks like a gymnastics move. Start off hanging from a bar and attempt to touch your hands with your feet.

This is different from regular hanging leg raises that only bring your legs to parallel to the floor.

4. Bruce Lee Leg Raises: These are really hard to do and only athletes should try them. While holding onto a bench, lift your legs in the air so you're only on your shoulders.

Keep your hips off the bench and slowly lower your legs without letting your hips touch the bench. These really burn, but they also stress the lower back, so go slow if you try them.

3. Leg Throws: You need a partner for this ab exercise. You will lie on the floor, and your partner stand behind you. Hold on to your partner's ankles and bring your legs up in the air.

Your partner will throw your legs down to the floor and you should resist enough to stop your legs from hitting the ground. You can also throw your legs to the side.

2. Weighted Decline Reverse Crunch and Leg Raises: This is a combo move. Get ankle weights to add some weight to your legs. Then, on a bench do a full reverse crunch. After the reverse crunch lower your legs to the start and then extend your legs out 45 degrees. Then, pull back into the reverse crunch.

Even an extra 5 pounds on each leg will make a huge difference.

1. Windshield Wipers: This is a crazy ab exercise, and it actually puts a lot of pressure on your back. But if you build up to it you'll have a super strong core.

I know a lot of fighters and martial artists who do this one.

Hang from a bar, and lift your feet up towards your hands. Stay upside down and lower your legs to one side and then reverse to the other side. Move your legs like windshield wipers. Go for 3-5 on each side, that's all you'll need.

There you go my Top 10 Hard Core Ab Exercises for athletes.

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