The Best Ab Exercises and Core Exercises of
Top Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors

This page is dedicated to showing you some of the best ab exercises and core exercises of top personal trainers so you can spice up your core workout and ab workout.

Over my 10 years as a personal trainer, I have learned so much by working with and learning from other intelligent, ambitious, cool personal trainers.

They say two heads are better than one, so I will continually read, study, and look for sharp personal trainers that have ideas and insights that can help you reach your goals.

Use these tips to transform your body, increase your core strength, get ripped abs, and flatten your stomach.

If you want to tone your abs or get ripped, remember that stomach exercises are only part of the solution.

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Trainer Favorites

David Bohmiller

Exercises for Building Core Strength

Follow David Bohmiller through this total body core workout. Begin with a focus on the abdominals, move to a focus on the lower back, and finish with a focus on the shoulders.

Or read Boh's article on The Deadlift versus the Squat, and find out why it's one of his favorite exercises. The deadlift is one of the best lower back exercises, and it is a a great core exercise and a great postural exercise.

Ab Training and Good Ab Workout Exercises

Rotational Core Training Exercises

Frog Kicks from the Plank Position

3 Great Stomach Exercises from Sarah C.

Here are 3 advanced stomach exercises.

See Sarah demonstrate Weighted Russian Twists, the Crunch and Leg Raises Combo, and Side Planks with a Twisting Crunch.

Katrina Hodgson: Diet.com Expert Trainer

Watch these ab exercise videos from Katrina of diet.com, and include some of the exercises in your ab workouts.

Charles Inniss: All-About-Abs.com

Here's a countdown of my Top 12 Best Stomach Exercises and Best Ab Exercises.
Best Stomach Exercise and Ab Exercise Part I (12-9)
Best Stomach Exercise and Ab Exercise Part II (8-5)
Best Stomach Exercise and Ab Exercise Part III (4-1)

Daihyana V: Personal Trainer and Triathlete

Ab Exercises to Lose Belly Fat? Are Ab Exercises Enough?

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