Picture Directory of Abdominal Exercises: Part I
Ab Exercises, Core Exercises, & Stomach Exercises

This page is Part I of the picture directory of all the ab exercises on this site.

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Images and Pictures of Ab Core and Stomach Exercises

ab crunchesAb Crunches/ Stomach Crunches

oblique crunchesOblique Crunches

oblique floor crunchesOblique Crunches

bicycle crunchesBicycle Crunches

sit upsSit Ups

oblique sit upsOblique Sit Ups

reverse crunches lower ab exerciseReverse Crunches

double crunchesDouble Crunches

leg raisesLeg Raises/ Leg Lifts

cable crunchesCable Crunches

russian twistRussian Twist

stability ball crunchesStablity Ball Crunches

oblique ball crunchesOblique Ball Crunches

russian twist on a stability ballRussian Twist on Ball

exercise ball roll insExercise Ball Roll-Ins

exercise ball piquesExercise Ball Piques

side crunches on a stability ballExercise Ball Side Crunches

planks on a stability ballPlanks on the Ball

stability ball planksPlanks on the Ball

stability ball exchangeSwiss Ball Exchange

swiss ball roll outsSwiss Ball Roll Outs

drawing-in maneuverDrawing-in Maneuver

reverse crunches with ankle weightsAnkle Weight Reverse Crunches

leg raises with ankle weightsAnkle Weight Leg Raises

decline reverse crunchesDecline Reverse Crunches

decline bench leg raisesDecline Leg Raises

ball lower ab crunchesBall Lower Ab Crunches

ball side oblique rollsBall Oblique Side Rolls

ball push crunchesBall Push Ab Crunches

modified plankHalf Plank

full plankFull Plank

side plankSide Plank

moving side plankMoving Side Plank

moving side plankMoving Side Plank

side crunchesSide Crunches

1 leg plank1 Leg Plank

floor cable crunchesFloor Cable Crunches

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This is the best site to learn new abdominal exercises, so bookmark these pages and share them with others.

Also, remember that ab exercises are only a part of the equation to getting a flat stomach. Spot reduction is the #1 Ab and Stomach Exercise Myth.

If you want to burn off stomach fat you need to follow a comprehensive fitness approach that includes cardio, weight training, and a healthy diet. Read the page on how to get a flat stomach or six pack abs, or try one of the free ab workouts on this site.

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