Exercise Ball Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, and Swiss Ball Exercises For the Abdominals, Lower Back, Core and the Entire Body

Exercise Ball Exercises, Swiss Ball Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, Physio Ball Exercises, Therapeutic Ball Exercises- Oh my! Whatever you call it� it�s one of the hottest pieces of exercise equipment in the fitness industry, and for good reason.

When doing abdominal exercises on the ball�
#1 Your abs work harder.
#2 There is more Range of Motion.
#3 There are greater improvements in your balance,
coordination, and stability.

It�s already been demonstrated through scientific research that the ab and stomach muscles work harder during a crunch if the you are lying on an exercise ball or another surface that is less stable than the floor, and in addition to the stability challenge doing crunches on the exercise ball increases the range of motion of the exercise which also has added benefits.

Also, many people find that crunches on the exercise ball are more comfortable than other crunch positions, and this can help you to get through a tough workout. So, getting on the ball could be just the boost that your abdominal workouts need.

Benefits of the Exercise Ball

There are two main differences between crunches on the floor and crunches on an exercise ball.

First, there is an added balance challenge when you do crunches on a stability ball. Your ab, lower back and core muscles work to keep your spine stable. When you crunch on a stability ball, the ball will slightly move underneath you and your core muscles will work harder to help you maintain your balance.

It may seem intimidating but it�s really not that hard to master, and it has so many benefits. Begin just by sitting on the ball, and you�ll know that it won�t fly from under you and leave you on the floor. If you are concerned about falling off, position yourself near something that is stable like a sofa or a wall and use your hand to help guide you into the correct position.

The Second main difference between crunches on the floor and crunches on the ball is that the position of your hips, pelvis, and spine changes. With crunches on the floor, your thighs are really close to your chest, so you can only crunch so far before you get the end position.

However, when you are on the ball your hips are extended, and they are farther away from your chest. This increases the range of motion of the exercise, and also makes your abs work harder.

So in summary, crunches on the ball make your ab and core muscles work harder because they have to do more to stabilize your body through a greater amount of motion.

Even if you�re a beginner this can be a great exercise to practice and master!

Buying a Ball:

If you are considering buying a ball here are just a few tips to help you make a wise decision.

Tip #1: When the Ball is inflated it should be about the same height as your knee. Typically a person 4�7�-5� will need a 45 cm ball (45 is the diameter/ height) Typically a person 5�1�-5�6� will need a 55 cm ball. Typically a person 5�7�-6�1� will need a 65 cm ball. Typically a person 6�2�-6�8� will need a 75 cm ball.

Tip #2: Spend a few extra dollars to buy a burst resistant (or anti-burst) ball. Although stability balls rarely burst, it makes sense to spend an extra $5 to get a burst resistant ball. The burst resistant ball has a special design that will cause the ball to slowly deflate if it is punctured (it will not pop like a balloon and leave you on the floor).

Tip #3: Once you�ve purchased a ball, regularly check it for cuts scrapes or punctures.

Tip #4: The ball will tend to lose air over time. If it feels really deflated, simply add more air with the special pump that comes with most ball purchases.

There are many great products, so feel free to shop around. But no matter what you call it or where you buy it� get on the ball as soon as you can!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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