Get Ripped Six Pack Abs Or a Toned Flat Stomach

The #1 fitness goal is to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs or a Toned Flat Stomach.

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This site will help you reach your goal!

In the fitness and weight loss industry, many people play on our emotions and give us false promises (in order to sell us things).

But, on this page you'll find out the truth about 6 pack abs and getting a flat stomach, and I'll tell you how to work towards achieving your goal.

When most people want to achieve that ripped six pack abs look, the first thing they think of is ab exercises.

But ab exercises are only a part of the solution.

If you want to get 6 pack abs and a flat stomach, you have to do 2 things...

#1 Develop your Ab and Core Muscles, and...

#2 Lose Weight and Body Fat

Developing your Ab and Core Muscles

In order to develop your core muscles, you must perform ab exercises. When you do strength training exercises for your abs, this lays the foundation for all performance and function.

Another key to developing your ab muscles is stretching exercises for your spine and hips.

Bad posture, and a lack of flexibility, especially in lower back, can compromise abdominal muscle function and prevent ab development.

Doing stretching exercises for the hips, legs, and spine is a little know secret to aid development of your abs.

So in short, in order to develop your ab muscles you must do ab exercises and flexibility exercises for your spine.

Taking Inventory:
How close are you to a 6 Pack and Flat Stomach?

Body Fat Percentage and 6 Pack Abs is the most important number to assess if you want to change the way your stomach looks.

Calculating your body fat percentage is the most important measurement to assess if you want a flat stomach or 6 pack.

Normal recommended healthy body fat percentage is 15% for men and 23% women. But in order to get 6 pack abs you have to move below the average healthy range and into the athletic range.

Another number to asses is your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Body Mass Index is a height/ weight chart that can help you to determine your ideal weight. It is very hard to improve the way your stomach muscles look if you have a really high BMI.

BMI does have a limitation, but you can learn about BMI and calculate your BMI by clicking Body Mass Index

Losing Weight and Body Fat

In addition to developing your ab muscles, you must also decrease your body fat percentage in order to get six pack abs.

If you've read my page on exercise myths, then you know that working the abdominal muscles doesn't magically melt fat off your stomach.

Everyone of us has the same abdominal muscle anatomy, but we all have different levels of body fat. Our bodies are genetically engineered to store excess body fat in our abdominal region.

It's usually the last place we notice a significant reduction in subcutaneous body fat, and it's often the first place we gain additional body fat.

In order to get rid of stomach fat, you must be persistent and include aerobic exercise, weight training, and sound nutritional habits into your lifestyle.

Aerobic Exercise and Six Pack Abs

Aerobic Exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories and lose body fat.

If you are not currently exercising and want a flat stomach, the first thing I would recommend is to add some form of aerobic exercise to your weekly routine.

The American College of Sports Medicine, recommends that you perform aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week for 20-60 minutes to improve your fitness.

Although 20 minutes 3 times a week is a minimum, and that is just a starting point. In order to get in athletic shape and have six pack abs, you will likely have to work a little harder.

Walking, jogging, sports, treadmills, elliptical machines, and biking are just some example of things you can do for aerobic exercise.

Weight Training and Six Pack Abs

Most people know that weight training is helpful for building strength and lean muscle, but what most people don't know is that we all lose a significant amount of lean muscle mass as we age.

When we lose muscle mass our metabolism slows down.

Lean muscle tissue is metabolically active. All this means is that lean muscle helps to keep your metabolism active.

Muscle burns more calories than fat. Physiologists say that it takes your body approximately 35-50 calories a day to feed and maintain 1 pound of muscle.

So, when you add muscle your metabolism increases, and when you lose muscle your metabolism decreases.

When your metabolism is slow, it is harder to lose weight and body fat. So weight training is important for getting six pack abs and a flat stomach, because weight training supports a fast active metabolism.

A little strength training with weights goes a long way.

If you are male or female with a goal to improve the look of your abdominal muscles, I recommend performing weight training to speed up your metabolism.

Nutrition and Six Pack Abs

You are what you eat...

Have you heard this before? Well, it's true. What you eat is actually just as important as what type of exercise you do?

I'm sure you've seen fat athletes. Some athletes exercise 2-3 hours a day yet they are still overweight. Now that athletes have unlimited money and resources, they get to eat, drink, and party all the time, and as a result they get overweight just like the rest of us.

Working out is really important, but you have to pay attention to what you eat if you truly want to lose weight and body fat.

The first nutrition book that I read cover to cover was Enter the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears, and I have changed the way I approach food ever since.

Most nutrition books like most fitness books say similar things, but you can't go wrong with getting most of your carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, getting more of your protein from lean sources, and getting most of your fat from unsaturated fats.

Low Carb Diets are taking over as the most popular approach to losing weight.

Books that I have read and recommend are:
The South Beach Diet,
The Fat Flush Plan, and
Syndrome X: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance.

Well I hope this gives you a head start in understanding how to get six pack abs and a flat stomach.

Now, if you need some motivation check out these pictures of killer abs or you can be an inspiration by posting a picture of your killer abs or flat stomach to this site.

Want to see more pictures, check out these pictures of me when I competed as a natural bodybuilder.

Ladies don't worry, you won't look like me if you follow my advice, you'll simply get into your best shape ever. Unfortunately, guys I can't promise that you'll look like me either.

I spent three years obssessing about my body in preparation for this national championship. I learned so much about nutrition and fitness along the way, and I know that my experience and knowledge can help you to reach your goals also.

I'll do my best to help you to be your best. Just keep studying this site and use the lessons.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles

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