Picture Directory of Abdominal Exercises: Part II
Ab Exercises, Core Exercises, & Stomach Exercises

This page is Part II of the picture directory of stomach exercises on this site.

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Images and Pictures of Ab Core and Stomach Exercises

captains chair knee raisesCaptain's Chair Knee Raises

hanging leg raisesHanging Leg Raises

hanging knee raisesHanging Knee Raises

1 leg hanging knee raises1 Leg Hanging Knee Raise

dumbbell side bendsDumbbell Side Bands

hanging oblique raisesHanging Oblique Knee Raises

dumbbell crunchesDumbbell Crunches

incline crunchesAb Bench Incline Crunches

core board plank twistsCore Board Plank Twists

plank twist with knee raisesPlank Twist Knee Raises

ball plank with frog kicksBall Plank, Frog Kicks

planks with cone touchesPlank with Cone Touches

weighted russian twistsWeighted Russian Twist

crunches and leg raise comboCrunches and Leg Raise Combo

side planks with a twistSide Plank Twist Crunches

leg raise and crunch combo1 Leg Raise Ab Crunch Combo

side v insSide V-Ins

star sit upsStar Sit Ups

bosu ball crunchesBosu Ball Crunches

bosu ball lower ab crunchesBosu Ball Lower Ab Crunches

bosu ball v insBosu Ball V-Ins

bosu ball russian twistsBosu Ball Russian Twist

leg raise and crunch comboLeg Raise Crunch Combo

bosu ball side crunchesBosu Ball Side Crunches

bosu ball marchingBosu Ball Marching

bosu ball leg raisesBosu Ball Leg Raises

bosu ball flutter kicksBosu Ball Flutter Kicks

bosu ball side planksBosu Ball Plank

bosu ball 1 leg plankBosu Ball 1 Leg Plank

plank on a bosu ballBosu Ball Plank

b1 leg planks on a bosu ballBosu Ball 1 Leg Plank

side leg raisesSide Leg Raises on Floor

side leg raises on the bosuSide Leg Raises on Bosu

side bendsSide Bends on 45 Degree

side bendsSide Bends on 45 Degree

bosu crunches and knee insBosu Ball Crunches and Knee Ins

oblique crunches on a bosu ballBosu Ball Oblique Crunches and Knee Ins

bicycle crunches on a bosu ballBosu Ball Bicycle Crunches

flutter kicksFlutter Kicks

scissor kicksScissor Kicks

v insV-Ins

double knees to the sideDouble Knees to the Side

double leg to the sideDouble Legs to the Side

hip thrustsVertical Hip Thrusts

oblique hip thrustsOblique Hip Thrusts

incline sit upsIncline Sit Ups

bicycle crunches with ankle weightsBicycle Crunches: Ankle Weights

jack knife exerciseJack Knife Maneuver

pullover crunch comboPullover and Ab Crunch Combo

dumbbell side bendsDumbbell Overhead Side Bends

floor cable crunchesFloor Cable Crunches

plank variationPlank Exercise Variation

plank variationPlank Exercise Variation

rotational core exercisesRotational Core Exercises 1

rotational core exerciseRotational Core Exercises 2

plank frog kicksPlank Exercise Frog Kicks 1

plank frog kicksPlank Exercise Frog Kicks 2

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You can also read my article on the evolution of stomach exercises that compares sit ups to crunches.

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