Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises
What do you Think are the 10 Best Ab Exercises?

What do you think are the Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises?

Everybody has favorite ab exercises, and everyone thinks certain exercises are more effective than others.

On this page you can see my favorites and add your own list...

Here's my list of my top 10 favorite ab exercises.

10: Hanging Knee Raises on a Captain's Chair
9: The Plank Pose
8: Stability Ball Crunches
7: Stability Ball Piques/ Straight Leg Roll-Ins
6: Swiss Ball Exchange between the Feet and Hands
5: Reebok Core Board Twisting Knee Raises
4: Medicine Ball Russian Twists
3: Moving Side Planks
2: Decline Reverse Crunches on a Board
1: Bicycle Crunches

This is just my opinion of ab exercises that I like, you can read more about why I chose these at the Best Ab Exercises and Best Stomach Exercises.

Or you can read my interpretation of two different scientific studies at

Finding the Best Abdominal Exercises for your Ab Workouts

And Review of a Muscle Activation Study.

Okay, it's your turn to share what you think are the best ab exercises. Simply type your list/ thoughts in the the Facebook comment form below.

Thanks in advance for your list of your favorite ab exercises.

P.S. If you need help thinking of 10 ab exercises check out the Picture Directory of Abdominal Exercises for ideas about the most effective ab exercises.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Ripped ab exercises 
1. Medicine ball Russian twists 2. Stability ball crunches 3. Hanging knee raises 4. Bicycle crunches 5. The plank 6. Knees to chest …

The Best Ab Exercises 
I work out 4 days a week and go to a aerobic class 3 days a week after gym! I enjoy working out but find that my abs are my problem area! Before I started …

My Usual Core Exercises 
I don't do all of them at once. I go with 2 or 3 and alternate through them. I Bicycle Exercise 1. Lie face up on the floor and lace your fingers …

Fat Burner Workout to Get Abs 
1. pushups 2. pull ups 3. body weight squats 4. dips 5. sprints 6. kettle bell swings 7. thrusters 8. squats 9. cleans 10. swimming …

Top 10 Best Stomach Exercises with an Exercise Ball 
I think the exercise ball is a great tool for stomach exercises, and you can do a whole bunch of different exercises just with the ball. Here are my …

Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises 
As a Personal Trainer for the past decade, I think I've forgotten more ab exercises than I actually currently know. But, these here are my Top 10 Most …

High Intensity Ab Exercises 
I think these are all high intensity ab exercises, so I think you should be in pretty good shape to try them out. 1. Leg Throws with a partner- straight …

Best Exercises For The Best Abs Not rated yet
1.Crunch is king , you can do those with weights behind your neck if u see normal crunches easy 2.bicycles , they train abs and obliques at the same …

the 10 best ab exercises Not rated yet
1. leg lifts. Targets lower abs and protects neck and upper back. This is the easiest/beginners version. 2-4 are progressively more difficult. Starting …

My Top Abs Exercises with a Bosu Ball and Medicine Ball Not rated yet
Here are some of my top abs exercises with a Bosu Ball and a Medicine Ball. I like using other things besides just the floor to work my abs. I go …

Abs Exercises - My favs Not rated yet
1. Plank - This is probably one of my favorite ab exercise because it works my whole core and builds upper body strength. 2. Crunches with

My Picks for Best Ab Exercises Not rated yet
10. Cable standing rotations - great for obliques and spine flexibility 9. Cable lifts - extra weight gives the obliques a stronger workout 8. Swiss …

5 Best Ab Exercises and 5 Best Lower Back Exercises Not rated yet
The core is both ab exercises and lower back exercises. I try to work both sides of the core every workout. But I do spend a little more time on the …

Favorite Core Exercises Not rated yet
1. Forearm bridge with alternating knee-ups. (I like this one because it develops that sense of center of gravity in balancing your upper body on the balance …

The Hard Core Exercises Not rated yet
10 Hard Core Exercises 1. Plank Repeats : plank for 90 seconds/ rest for 30 seconds : repeat 3 times 2. Side Plank repeats : plank for 90 seconds/ …

My Favorite AB Exercises Not rated yet
Hello, My favorite ab exercises are as follow: 1. Crunches done as a Tabata set. These really fry the abs plus you can track your progress by seeing …

Favorite stomach exercises Not rated yet
1. crunches with my 7 month old son on my lap I lay on the floor and place him on my hips and when I pull myself up I make little noises at …

10 Hard Core Advanced Ab Exercises Not rated yet
Here are 10 really hard core advanced ab exercises. You should be careful trying them if you're not in good shape. Some of them can be tough on the lower …

Top 10 Flat Abs Exercises Not rated yet
Here are my top 10 flat abs exercises. 10. Crunches on the Ball- I like the extra range of motion, compared to the floor. I sometimes shake if I haven't …

Best abs ever Not rated yet
1. Basic abdominal crunches- A good starting point for everyone great basic move that are safe for those with lower back stiffness. allows one to target …

My top 10 favorite ab exercises... Not rated yet
1. Core toe tap - Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat. Place a small, rolled-up towel underneath the natural curve of your lower back—if …

KICK ABS Not rated yet
1. PLANK POSE with Alternating leg lifts 2. OBLIQUE SIDE BENDS (Feet hip width in standing position, and reaching side to side hinging right underneath …

Cassie's Favorite Ab Exercises Not rated yet
10. Bicycle crunches: always been able to do them well, but they are still challenging and I can feel them working and they use all the muscles. 9. …

Finding my abdominals after years of searching!! Not rated yet
1. Crunches - easy to do and a great start 2. Bicycle crunches - great for the lower abs 3. Double leg raises - for a bit of a challenge 4. …

Favorite ab workout exercises Not rated yet
Here's my Top 10 Favorite Ab Workout Exercises. 10. Leg Lifts Pictures of leg raises and leg lifts . 9. Bicycle Crunces View Pictures and Instructions …

Ab Exercises for me Not rated yet
10. Ab machine in gym--good but I do not think it works that well for me 9. Toe Touches--easy to do, but not as effective as other exercises 8. …

Best Ab Moves Not rated yet
1. Lie on your back, holding a body bar at shoulder width. legs in the air and bent at 90 degree angle. Lower the body bar behind your head as your straighten …

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