My Top Abs Exercises with a Bosu Ball and Medicine Ball

by Tom

Here are some of my top abs exercises with a Bosu Ball and a Medicine Ball.

I like using other things besides just the floor to work my abs.

I go to Bosu Ball classes at the gym and I think it's so much better than just being on the floor.

1. Bosu Ball Side Plank: Instead of going on the floor with your elbow and toes, place your elbow on the Bosu. You'll really feel the burn on the Bosu.

2. Bosu Ball Planks: With the soft side up, place your elbows on the bosu ball. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

3. Bosu Ball Crunches: This is straight forward. It's just like crunches except you lie on the Bosu Ball.

4. Bosu Ball Side Crunches: I really like these. I get a really good squeeze in my obliques.

5. Bosu Ball Leg Raises: This one can be tricky. You have to make sure the Bosu is well inflated. Your butt is on top of the ball and your lower your legs to parallel with your body.

6. Medicine Ball Crunches: Raise your feet in the air while holding a medicine ball. Crunch up and touch your toes with the medicine ball.

7. Medicine Ball Twists: Sit with your knees bent and your back tilted back slightly. Twists to the side and touch the floor with the medicine ball.

8. Medicine Ball Planks: Put both hands on the medicine ball and hold the plank position for 30-60 seconds.

9. Medicine Ball Chops and Lifts: While standing basically, lift the medicine ball over your shoulder and then squat and bring it towards your knees.

10. Medicine Ball Figure 8: While sitting on the floor with your feet off the floor. Pass the medicine ball between your legs alternating sides.

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