High Intensity Ab Exercises

by Chuck

I think these are all high intensity ab exercises, so I think you should be in pretty good shape to try them out.

1. Leg Throws with a partner- straight down throws.

2. Side Oblique Leg Throws- partner throws your legs to the sides.

3. Hanging leg raises from a pull up bar.

4. Hanging Piques- these are like hanging leg raises, except you bring your feet all the way up to your hands.

5. Windshield Wipers- these are like hanging piques but you swing your legs side to side from the pique position.

6. Bruce Lee Sit Ups.

7. Incline Sit Ups.

8. Lean Backs on a Roman Chair with a Plate. For these you need to face the opposite way on a back extension machine and hold a plate over your chest as you lean backwards.

9. Incline Russian Twist with a plate. Get into the sit up position on an incline and then twist a plate from side to side.

10. Full Ab Wheel Roll Outs from a Standing Position.

If you have back problems these ab exercises might be too tough. You have to build up to these high intensity ab exercises.

If you're not in shape, start with crunches and planks.

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Apr 06, 2011
or not
by: Anonymous

Firstly the person that compiled this list obviously doesn't understand the functions of the abdominal muscles, most of the execises listed engage the hip flexor rather then the abdominals and put considerable strain on the lower back.
I wouldn't advise them for an individual in good physical condition let alone a beginner.

Secondly there is no such thing as a stomach exercise, the stomach is a receptacle in which digestion takes place.

Lastly if you have any kind of experience training in high intensity fashion you'd understand the incredible indirect stimulation the abdominals receive when performing intense leg and upper body exercises, making additional abdominal exercise almost superfluous.

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