Best Ab Moves

by Edith
(New York, NY, USA)

1. Lie on your back, holding a body bar at shoulder width. legs in the air and bent at 90 degree angle. Lower the body bar behind your head as your straighten your legs. Pull the body bar back over your head, while bending your knees and pulling the bar over your knees, forming a crunch.

2. Using a similar movement, lie on your back, legs in the air, knees bent at 90 degrees. Hold a stability ball and lower it behind your head. Pull the ball over head while crunching up and place the ball on the shins of your legs. Balance the ball on your legs as your lower your back. Crunch up again and grab the ball and pull it over head to complete one set.

3. Lying on your back, holding another person's ankles, swing your straightened legs up and down. Have the other person 'throw' your legs down to create resistance. They may push your legs side to side as well.

4. Holding a stability ball between your legs and a weighted ball in your hands above your head, crunch forward and bring your legs up and your arms over head so that the balls touch and return to the floor.

5. Lying on a inclined bench, hold a weighted ball and crunch up.

6. Lying on an inclined bench, hold a soft weighted ball, crunch up and throw it to another person.

7. Lying on a inclined bench, hold a body bar in a skull crusher position. When crunching up, straighten your arms.

8. Bicycle crunches

9. Lie on your back, legs up at 45 degree angle and straight. Arms straight at body's sides. Crunch up and flutter hands up and down.

10. Lie on your back and hold onto another's ankles or a bar in back of your head to stabilize your self. lift your legs straight in the air and twist them to one side. Lower your bottom back to the floor with legs still straight in the air. Then lift bottom up and twist legs to the other side.

Sorry I didn't have official names for any of these ab exercises but I hope they were good enough descriptions. My abs have gotten pretty strong over the past year and these moves always give my abs a great burn.


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