Best abs ever

by Kercherina Blair

1. Basic abdominal crunches- A good starting point for everyone great basic move that are safe for those with lower back stiffness. allows one to target specific abdominal areas.

2. Reverse crunches on a incline board- allows solid target on lower abs.

3. Superman crunches- stretches the abs and lower back. Targets all ab areas.

4. Double crunches- targets those stubborn lower abs. Great for us females. Fights the pouch!

5. Medicine ball twists- great for stability. Hits the obliques.

6. Crunches on a ball- allows complete movement of the crunches since you're not lying flat on the floor. Really gives you that burn.

7. Leg lifts- Works well and encourages breathing techniques to effectively complete the exercise.

8. Side crunches- targets the obliques to slim the waistline.

9. Hanging leg raises- Really strengthens the abs and lower back. Hard work but worth it!

10. Bicycle crunches- Good overall ab work out that can be challenging. Trains upper, mid and lower abs.

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