My Picks for Best Ab Exercises

by Pia

10. Cable standing rotations - great for obliques and spine flexibility

9. Cable lifts - extra weight gives the obliques a stronger workout

8. Swiss ball crunch - supports the back, and includes core stability because of the unstable surface, while still getting the rectus to work

7. Oblique swiss ball crunch - as for No.8 and adds the oblique muscles group for an extra workout

6. Side plank - cool core stability exercise

5. Half plank - good for learning to brace abs without the legs taking over (as can happen in the full plank)

4. Side leg raises on ball - nice way to vary waist workout and add hip stability.

3. Planks on the ball - unstable surfaces adds to core workout

2. Ball roll ins - nice way to include lower abs in the workout

1. Bicycle crunch - my favourite - uses all the ab muscles in one exercise.

I like to work all the ab and waist muscles and prefer to use my body weight rather than holding additional weights.

All these ab exercises are described on the website.

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