Top 10 Flat Abs Exercises

by John
(Los Angeles, CA)

Here are my top 10 flat abs exercises.

10. Crunches on the Ball- I like the extra range of motion, compared to the floor. I sometimes shake if I haven't been doing them regularly.

9. Roll-ins on the Ball- I actually feel this one all over. I feel it in the arms and abs.

8. Knee Raises on a Captain's Chair- I sometimes use this one as a superset with an upper body exercise, like push ups or bicep curls.

7. Cable Twists- I usually adjust the cable machine so that it's at shoulder height, and then I twist and pivot to the opposite side.

6. Medicine Ball Twists- I usually do this one with my feet up in the air to give my abs more of a challenge.

5. Moving Side Plank- I like the stretch in my obliques when I do this ab exercise. I'm almost always sore after doing these in my ab workout.

4. Bicycle Crunches- Reminds me of running. Sometimes I go fast and sometimes I go slow.

3. Leg Raises- I like the mental challenge of keeping my back from arching, and I really feel a huge burn in my abs.

2. Swiss Ball Passes- While lying on your back just pass the ball between your arms and legs. This one also really burns my abs.

1. Incline Sit Ups- I know these are too advanced for some people, but doing sit ups on an incline is really tough on the abs.

If you want flat abs, try these ab exercises and make sure you eat a healthy diet also.

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