by Emma
(Columbia, SC, USA)

1. PLANK POSE with Alternating leg lifts

2. OBLIQUE SIDE BENDS (Feet hip width in standing position, and reaching side to side hinging right underneath the rib cage. Option: Lift opposite arm overhead as you reach down with same arm)

3. SCISSOR LEGS (Lying on your back Legs lifted off the mat crossing legs alternating top and bottom as you open and close your legs.


5. OBLIQUE CRUNCHES (Lying with knees bent laying to one side and crunching straight up the center. You can add a reach with outside arm)

6. EXTENDED LEG CRUNCHES (Legs extended to the ceiling. Crunch up reaching opposite right arm toward leg and alternate side to side.)

7. PIKE CRUNCH On Body Ball (Start by rolling all the way over ball and stopping with ankles resting on ball palms extended beneath shoulders. Slightly lift your hips as you pull the ball in crunching your knees to core, and slowly release)


9. SIDE LEG LIFTS (Balancing on your hip and elbow, legs extended long...Lift and lower legs off floor. Option: add a crunch from the upper oblique. )


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