Core Training Tip:
Enhance your Core Workout with Reebok Core Board Exercises & Core Exercise Equipment

If you are into core training, try adding some Reebok Core Board Exercises to your routine to increase the challenge of your core workout.

If you're looking for core exercise equiment, the Reebok Core Board is a great tool to work your core muscles.

I was introduced to core training and the core board when it made it's debut in the fitness industry, and I was fortunate enough to work with Reebok International as a Reebok Master Trainer for a couple of years.

Working as a Reebok Master Trainer was an awesome experience!

After learning tons of core board exercises and programming, I was responsible for teaching seminars on core training to other personal trainers and fitness professionals.

I no longer work for Reebok, but I still think the core board is one of the best pieces of equipment for core training and functional training.

Why the Core Board can Enhance your Core Workout

Whenever you perform an exercise on an unstable surface, you will get increased muscle work-- the reason is that your muscles will have to move your body and also stabilize your body.

The core board tilts front and back, tips side-to-side, and rotates. The center of the board is more stable than the outer part of the board.

When you stand on the board, your foot and arch muscles, knee muscles, hip muscles, lower back, and ab muscles all work harder to keep your body stable. A benefit of more muscle work is more calories burned.

When you place your hands on the core board, your shoulder muscles, spine muscles, lower back muscles, ab muscles, and hip muscles work harder than if you were just on the floor.

If you've read the page on core exercises for a better body, you might remember that the core muscles are more than just the abs and lower back.

The core is your entire trunk and consists of the shoulder girdle and hip girdle.

A strong core is a stable spine, a stable hip, and a stable shoulder. By doing core board exercises, you can enhance the activity in all your core muscles.

Below are just a few ways you can use the core board to enhance your core workout.

Core Board Plank Twists:
Focus on Shoulders and Abs

Starting Position: Simply hold on to the sides of the core board with your hands and balance on your toes.

Form: While keeping your body straight and in alignment, twist the core board as far as you can to the left. Hold for a brief second and then twist as far as you can go to the right. Keep alternating sides.

Personal Training Tips: Perform 10-20 twists on each side.

Make sure you keep your back in good posture throughout the exercises.

Core board exercises help to re-train and engage the deep muscles of the core.

reebok core board twist core board plank twist

Core Board Push Ups:
Focus on Upper Body and Abs

The core board push up can increase your shoulder stability. It's performed in the same way as regular push ups, but you can add a couple of variations to spice it up.

Starting Position: Place your hands on the sides of the Reebok Core Board and balance on your toes.

Form: Lower your chest towards the core board. Hold for a brief second and then push back up to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: Your upper body muscles have to work a little harder on the core board because the core board is unstable.

You can spice up the push ups by adding in a twist at the top or the bottom of the movement.

For example, you can do down, up, twist right, down, up twist left, and repeat alternating sides.

Or you can do down and twist left, up, down and twist right, up.

Also if you'd like to add a challenge to the hips and core, you can do any of the push up variations on 1 leg.

This is one of my favorite upper body core board exercises. Remember, to have fun with your workout.

Reebok Core Board Twisting Knee Raises:
Focus on Abs and Obliques

This is one of my favorite core board exercises for the abs.

It is an advanced variation of the core board plank twist. When I show this to my clients, they really feel a ton of muscle work especially in the obliques.

Starting Position: Begin in the same position as the core board plank with a twist.

Form: Twist the Reebok core board to the right and bring your left knee towards your right elbow. Hold for a brief second and repeat on the other side.

Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise requires a little flexibility in the hips and the spine.

Attempt to touch your knee to your elbow. If you can touch your knee to your elbow, aim to bring your knee past your arm.

Another tip to really make the abs work is to keep your knee lifted towards your chest.

Perform 10-15 repetitions on each side.

core board exercises reebok core board exercises

Core Board 1-Legged Hip Hinge (Dead lift):
Focus Balance, Hips, Lower Back, and Back of the Thigh (Glutes, Hamstrings, & low back muscles)

Remember, that your core is more than just your abs and lower back. Your core is also your hip girdle and shoulder girdle. So hip stability and coordination is important for core training and functional training.

If you think about walking, running, and jumping these activities all require good hip/ core stability.

Here's the instructions for this exercise.

Starting Position: Begin by standing on 1 foot towards the center to the Reebok core board.

Form: Keep your back straight and your standing knee very slightly bent. Lean forwards as far as you can go without changing the position of your back. Hold for a brief second and then return to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: The center of the core board is the most stable part. So begin by standing on the center of the board.

You do not need to use weights to improve your balance, but if you want to strengthen your hip muscles add weights.

Perform 10-15 repetitions on each leg.

As you get better balance, make the core board less stable by adjusting the lever underneath the board or stand more towards the outside of the board.

These are just a few Reebok Core Board Exercises that you can add to your core workout.

In regards to core training and core exercise equipment, the core board is one of the best tools. So if you see one lying around your gym, try some of the above core board exercises.

Remember to have fun with your workout and spice things up every now and then to challenge your mind and your muscles in new ways.

Yours in Health,

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