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An Ab Bench is an adjustable bench that declines so that you can perform ab exercises from various angles.

When you perform ab exercises or stomach exercises on an incline you have to work harder against gravity. So using an incline can really increase your abdominal strength.

Incline Sit Ups

Incline sit ups are just one ab exercise that you can do on an incline.

Starting Position: Lie on the bench and place your feet under the pads to secure your legs. Place your hands behind your head.

Form: Exhale and curl your body forward to the sit up position. Hold briefly at the top and then slowly return to the starting position.

Perform 8-50 repetitions.

Personal Trainer Tips: This is an advanced ab exercise because it places a large amount of pressure on the lower back, and many trainers will say never perform sit ups with the feet anchored.

Every exercise has benefits and risks. If you are a serious athlete doing highly vigorous and competitive sports the benefit fo incline sit ups may outweigh the risk of injury.

However, if you have a lower back injury and are not competing in serious athletics, incline sit ups might have a higher risk of injury than benefit gain.

Listen to your body.

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Additional Ab Bench Ab Exercises

In addition to the incline sit ups you can also do regular sit ups, incline crunches, decline reverse crunches, and decline leg raises.

Most gyms and fitness centers have some type of bench that will incline, but if you don't have access to an incline bench, it's all good. There are so many different types of ab exercises that you can do that don't involve ab exercise equipment or ab machines.

Visit the Picture Directory of Ab Exercises to learn all the ab exercises on this site or try a free ab workout routine.

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