Cable Crunches on the Floor
Learm Great Ab Exercises for your Workouts

There are many great ab exercises that you can include in your ab workouts, and using cables or resistance bands is a great way to increase the resistance on your abdominal muscles.

You can do cable crunches in many ways. You can do them kneeling, standing, and lying. You can do them on an exercise ball or a Bosu Ball, and you can do them straight ahead or add rotation for the obliques.

If you like crunches, but are so strong that you barely feel regular crunches, then adding resistance from a cable machine can push up your strength.

Below are pictures of cable crunches on the floor.

Floor Cable Crunches

Starting Position: Begin by lying on a mat near the lower cable adjustment. The rope attachment is easy to control, so use this grip and hold the rope over your head.

Form: Exhale and curl your body forward against the resistance of the cable machine. Hold briefly at the top of the motion and then slowly return to the starting position.

ab exercisesab exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Make sure that you are positioned far enough away from the cable machine so that the weights don't touch during the downward phase of your crunches.

You can also use resistance bands around a sofa leg or any other stationary object if you're at home.


There are many great ab exercises that you can do with cables. You can also do kneeling cable crunches, oblique cable crunches on the floor, stability ball cable crunches, or oblique stability ball cable crunches.

You can also use a resistance band to get a similar effect, and as always listen to your body and choose exercises that feel good.

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