Alternative Ab Wheel Exercises

Don't Own an Ab Wheel (Power Wheel)?

No Problems... below are a few alternative ab exercises that you can do with an exercise ball to simulate the motions of the power wheel.

If you've already read the page on ab wheel exercises, then you know the main two motions are rolling out with the hands on the wheel or rolling in with the feet in the wheel.

On that page, I also mention that the power wheel may put a little more stress on your lower back than other ab exercises.

There are thousands of ways to work your stomach muscles, and some tools are very similar.

You can mimic the motions of power wheel exercises with an exercise ball. Here are 3 alternative swiss ball exercises that you can use if you do not own a power wheel.

Alternative Ab Wheel Exercises

Stability Ball Roll Outs

Starting Position: Begin by kneeling on the floor with your hands on the top of a stability ball. Use a pad or matt for comfort.

Form: Engage your abs keeping your entire spine stable. Keep your hips stable and your arms straight, then roll forward on the ball. Hold briefly at the bottom and then use your abs to return to the starting position.

Personal Training Tips: The key is to keep your entire spine still throughout the movement.

Don't move forward from your hips. You almost have to fall into the ball and use your arms to transmit the force from your core to the ball.

You will also get some fatigue and muscle work in the back of your arms.

There is significantly less pressure on the lower back for this exercise when using the ball because the range of motion is decreased and you don't have to stabilize as much against gravity as when you go completely horizontal with the power wheel.

ab wheel exercise ab wheel exercises

Stability Ball Roll Ins

stability ball ab exercise
This exercise is similar to the ab wheel roll ins in which your feet begin in the straps on the wheel and your lower body moves.

You simply place your feet on the ball and roll in the ball so that your knees move towards your chest.

To view additional instructions click the picture.

Stability Ball Piques

stability ball ab exercise
This exercise is very similar to the stabililty ball roll ins. The difference is that when you perform the piques your knees stay straight.

Keep your abs engaged throughout the movement to prevent your back from arching excessively.

Click the picture to veiw additional insrtuctions.

Even if you don't have an ab wheel you can mimic the motions with a stability ball.

As always, listen to your body and go slowly when you introduce new motions and equipment into your workout routine.

Take Care

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