Basic Lower Abdominal Exercises
Lower Ab Crunches / Reverse Crunches)

This page has one of the easiest lower abdominal exercises-- reverse crunches (lower ab crunches).

If you've read my page on lower abdominal exercise physiology, then you understand that the best lower ab exercises alone cannot magically make the fat under your skin disappear.

With that said, it is important to work on the lower ab muscles to increase core strength and support the lower back.

The lower abs help to stop the back from arching excessively by tilting the pelvis posteriorly. Sometimes lower back pain can be aggravated when the back arches too much. So you must train your body to keep your spine in the correct position when your hips and legs are moving.

This abdominal exercise works to improve range of motion in the spine, and it can strengthen your ab muscles without putting a lot of pressure on the low back.

Lower Abdominal Exercises:
Reverse Crunches/ Lower Ab Crunches

I recommend and teach reverse crunches or lower ab crunches to nearly everyone I work with. It's a basic lower abdominal exercise, but it really works the abs.

In order to get the most of of this abdominal exercise you must use the full range of motion.

There are 3 things that will limit your motion and make this ab exercise less effective.

#1: A stiff lower back. A stiff lower back will limit how well your body moves and decrease the effectiveness of this exercise. If you are stiff don't forget to stretch.

#2: Weak lower ab muscles. In the beginning, your ab muscles may not be strong enough to move your pelvis through the full range of motion. Keep working at it. If you cannot lift your pelvis off the floor in the beginning, simply move your pelvis as far as you can.

#3: Excess Abdominal Fat. If you have more than 20 pounds to lose to reach your ideal weight, you may find that your stomach gets in the way. Don't worry about it, just keep studying this site and keep working to get healthier. Do as much as you can, and you'll be amazed with the increase in your core strength.

Okay, here are the instructions for reverse crunches (lower ab crunches).

Starting Position: Lie on your back with your feet off the floor and your hands at your sides.

Form: Move from your lower body, bringing your knees towards your chest. Lift your pelvis off the ground as your curl your spine towards your head. Hold for 1 second and slowly lower to the starting position.

reverse crunches for lower abs, lower ab crunches reverse crunches for lower abs

Personal Trainer Tips: The secret to this move is lifting your tailbone off the floor. Use your hands to help stabilize your body. As you master this move, use your hands only for light support.


Reverse Crunches (lower ab crunches) are a great lower ab exercise, so include them in your ab workout if your want to strengthen and tone your ab muscles and support your lower back.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles

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