Ab Exercise Videos
To Spice Up Your Ab Workout

Here are a few ab exercise videos, from personal trainer Katrina Hodgson of Diet.com

Use the videos to pick up tips to spice up your ab workout.

This first video is called "The Best of Ab Exercises" and it shows 5 different ab exercises.

The first exercise is an "exercise ball side crunch". This exercise works the oblique muscles.

The second exercise is "the plank to push up". The plank is an isometric exercise that improves core stability, and the push up increases upper body strength.

Putting these two exercises together in combination makes the sequence much more challenging.

The third exercise is "the complete abs crunch". Some people also refer to this exercise as double crunches because you crunch with both your lower body and your upper body.

The fourth exercise is a "side plank with a hip thrust". Also known as a moving side plank, this exercise really works the oblique muscles and also improves shoulder stability.

The last exercise is "get up, get down on the Bosu Ball". This is a challenging exercise that will get your heart pumping.

Anytime you use your leg muscles during an exercise, you'll burn more calories.

This ab exercise video shows an exercise that is not in the above video. The exercise is leg lifts on the physioball (exercise ball).

This ab exercise is very challenging. It requires a lot of coordination and really strong abs. It also puts a lot of pressure on the back, so if you have back pain I would consider skipping this one or progressing very slowly.

This video is a more thorough explanation of "the complete abs crunch.

This video gives a longer explanation and demonstration of the side crunches on the physioball.

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