Even 100 Abdominal Exercises
Will Not Give You 6 Pack Abs or a Flat Stomach

If you want to lose belly fat and get a six pack, 100 abdominal exercises alone might not help you get there!

Here's a list of abdominal exercises with pictures, but all over my site I talk about why ab exercises alone won't lead to a six pack or flat stomach. Unfortunately, when you exercise a spot on your body, you do not magically lose fat from that spot.

The thought that you can lose fat from a specific spot is referred to as Spot Reduction, and spot reduction is the #1 Ab Exercise Myth.

Trust me, I've tried to spot reduce, and it can't be done!

When I was a sophomore in college, I wanted to have the best six pack on my track team. The first thing I did was buy an ab machine called the Ab Flex off a television infomercial for about $70.

I used the Ab Flex religiously for months, and I definitely got stronger abdominal muscles and my abs did look a little better. But after 2 months my waist was the same size.

So, I went to Lechmere (a local department store in Boston) and bought an ab roller for about $70. I spent another 2 months working out with an ab roller nearly every day, but no change in the size of my waist.

Then, the summer came and my goal was to do 300-500 sit ups and various abdominal exercises every day. It would take me more than 30 minutes just to do my ab workout and once I remember spending 45 minutes doing 800 repetitions of different abdominal exercises.

Every week, I religiously did 100 abdominal exercises, but at the end of the summer my waist was the same size. But, there was definitely a benefit to doing 100 abdominal exercises, and the benefit was that my strength, endurance, performance, and speed increased dramatically.

I was a long jumper and a sprinter in college, and you need to have phenomenal ab and core strength to compete in the long jump and sprints. When I returned to school after a summer of intense core work, I felt great on the track.

Core workouts and abdominal exercises are important for everyone, especially athletes. But don't forget that ab exercises by themselves won't generally change the size of your waist or give you a flat stomach.

Interestingly, during the summer after my junior year in college, I read the diet book Enter the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears and followed the Zone Diet Rules as close as I could, and guess what...

My waist decreased by 1.5 inches, my body fat dropped from 8 to 6% and my 6 pack looked so much better. In addition, I had more energy and felt great.

I learned through trial and error. I spent more than an entire year focusing on abdominal exercises to help me get 6 pack abs. However, after I changed my diet I finally loss body fat and improved the look of my stomach.

Abdominal exercises are very important. Every one, especially athletes, must perform ab exercises on a regular basis. Ab exercises help to support good posture and take pressure off the back. In addition, ab exercises can increase function and sports performance and decrease the risk of injury.

If you want to get 6 pack abs or get a flat stomach you need to take a comprehensive approach to fitness (consider my ebook Personal Training Secrets for more guidance and a complete program).

There are many diet programs that can help you to lose weight. The best one for you is the one that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

I've read many of the popular nutrition books, and honestly they all say very similar things. Most of the popular books are aimed at decreasing the consumption of refined sugar and processed carbohydrates-- read more about low carb diet plans.

Okay, so the moral of the story is that even if you perform 100 abdominal exercises, you still might not change the way your stomach looks.

You need a comprehensive fitness approach that is aimed at decreasing your overall body fat percentage if you want to get 6 pack abs or a flat stomach.

My site has a huge Directory of Abdominal Exercises, and my goal is that it will contain over 100 abdominal exercises with images and descriptions.

I personally like to vary my ab workout, and my personal training clients also like to learn and do a variety of exercises.

Changing up your ab workout routine and learning new exercises is a great way to stay motivated and break through fitness plateaus. Here's some free ab workout routines.

If you like working your abs, go crazy, keep working them, but don't work them only because you want a nice stomach.

I hope that helps to give you some perspective.

Yours in Health
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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