Ab Belt Scam!
Don't Waste Money on Ab Toner Belts

Before you waste your money on an ab belt read through this page.

When I ran track in college, I became obsessed with having great abs, partly because I thought 6 pack abs meant better performance and increased speed and partly because I thought it was a sign of hard work and discipline in the gym.

I was young, I was gullible, I was curious, I was eager to learn, and I was eager to try new things that would help me get 6 pack abs.

I bought 4 infomercial ab machines and even tried an ab belt.

The ab machines actually helped me to get stronger, but they by themselves never gave me 6 pack abs. But the ab belt served no useful purpose. I didn't get stronger and I didn't lose any stomach fat.

I wish I had learned the lesson about the Spot Reduction Myth before I spent $200 of my hard earned work study money on ab gadgets and ab toner belts.

Companies keep perpetuating the spot reduction myth because it's very very profitable. But the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stepped in way back in 2002.

It a shame that thousands of people waste money on these ab exercise belts every week.

Here are some highlights from the FTC report...

The FTC "Alleges Electronic Abdominal Gadgets Won't Provide Six-Pack Abs"

Here are some of the Advertising quotes that were used to trick and deceive consumers.

"Now you can get rock hard abs with no sweat" "Lose 4 Inches in 30 Days Guaranteed" "30% More Effective Than Normal Exercise" "10 Minutes = 600 Sit-Ups"

The Top 3 companies that were charged were the marketers of the Ab Enegizer, Ab Tronic, and Fast Abs.

I still see ads for ab toner belts on ebay.com, and I feel bad for the consumers who don't know that more than 6 years ago the top 3 abdominal exercise belt marketers had complaints filed against them by the FTC.

The moral of the story is... "Don't Waste Your Money on an Ab Belt"

If something can help you reach your fitness goals, I'll write about it on this site.

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I'll provide the info, you provide the outflow.

Keep working to reach your goals.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles

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