Abdominal Exercise Equipment
Horizontal Ab Exercise Machines

Horizontal ab exercise machines are popular pieces of abdominal exercise equipment, and they can be found in most large health clubs and fitness facilities.

horizontal ab exercise machines

Horizontal ab machines are similar to seated ab machines and they both have limitations.

I generally do not recommend seated or horizontal ab machines for the following reasons.

Limitations of Horizontal Ab Exercise Machines

The limitations of the horizontal ab machine are the same as for the vertical ab machines. Actually, most exercise machines have the same limitations. And, even though technology advances, we'll never make a machine as miraculous and efficient as the human body.

At any rate, here are 4 limitations of the horizontal ab machine.

#1 Range of Motion is limited on a machine.

#2 Ab Machines move in a fixed path.

#3 The arms tend to compensate and help the abs.

#4 The machine does not challenge stability and coordination.

For some people who fit into horizontal ab machines, they find that they get a ton of muscle work and a good burn in the abdominals.

It is also easy to add resistance to these ab machines, so that you can constantly increase the challenge on your muscles.

If I use an ab machine, I tend to use the horizontal machine instead of a vertical machine, but most of my time is spent on the mat, on a ball, or in pilates lessons.

If you like the horizontal ab machine, then keep using it in your ab workout. But, also try to vary your ab workout routine and add some additional exercises that work your core in other ways.

Try some of the exercises from the Directory of Abdominal Exercises on this site.

Yours in Health,
Charles Inniss, PT/PT

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