ab exercises and push ups

by Danny Callicoat
(Jacksonville, NC)

40 situps
+ 10 pushups
25 slow crunches
+ 10 pushups
25 slow rev. crunches
+ 10 pushups
25 flutter kicks
+ 10 pushups
25 bicycle kicks
+ 10 pushups
25 leg crunches/ 25 lateral leg raises
+ 10 pushups
15 double sided leg swings/10 four count side situps
+ 10 pushups
15 hanging leg raises
+ 10 pushups
Sprint .5 miles at fastest pace
If possible follow all 3 reps with a 20 minute continuous swim.

Do work out three times with a 5 minute rest in between workouts.

Although this seems like not much to do, try it with either leg weights or in the heaviest shoes or boots you have.

To make the workout harder try combining the ab exercises.

Example: 40 situps along with 25 slow crunches followed by 40 pushups. I would not recommend doing this exercise more than three times a week due to the risk of injury.

I am currently a Navy Corpsman. Four months ago, I nearly failed a very easy physical readiness test for the Navy.

I became very aware of my fitness and in four months have lost 40 lb and been accepted to Navy Special Operations.

This is the ab workout I created, and along with running and swimming this has prepared my abs for the rigor I am looking forward too.

Kick up the number of reps by ten each week and watch your results in 6 weeks.

I have had Navy SEAL candidates tell me that doing this work out properly has challenged them and helped them out a lot.

Try it and tell me what you think.

For Questions, email me at Dannycallicoat@yahoo.com

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Jan 24, 2011
Good job
by: Anonymous

I just wanted you to know that someone is out there and reading your article and thinking to myself that I am proud to have someone on any armed forces that dedicated and Honorable

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