To Really Work Your Ab Muscles, Try Holding the Dead Bug Position on the Stability Ball

The plank is a popular isometric exercise for the ab muscles, but you can actually do many different isometric exercises for the abs.

The dead bug position is a common position for core training. It's called the dead bug position because you are lying on your back often with your feet off the floor as if you were a dead bug.

When lying on the floor in the dead bug position, you can practice the drawing in maneuver to activate the transverse abdominus. You can also strengthen your abdominals with exercises like stability ball crunches.

In preparation for trying to hold the dead bug position on a stability ball, you can try ab crunches with your feet up on a bosu ball.

The ab exercise below is an advanced exercise, so you should build up your strength before trying it.

Ab Core and Stomach Exercise: Dead Bug on the Ball

In order to do this exercise you must find something stable to anchor your upper body. If you don't use something that is very stable, there is a higher chance that you can fall and injure yourself.

Also, inspect the stability ball to make sure there are no scratches or holes that may weaken the ball, and remember that this is a really advanced exercise that should only be attempted by people who already possess great core strength.

Starting Position: Lie on a stability ball and secure your upper body. Bring your feet up so that your hips are at 90 degrees.

Form: This is an isometric exercise, which simply means that you hold in one position. Hold for 10-60 seconds, and then lower your feet and rest your abs.

Starting Position:

lower abdominal exercises

Hold in this position.

lower abdominal exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise is a preparatory exercise for more challenging exercises.

Once you master this abs exercise, you can move on to the marching stomach exercise (which is lowering 1 leg at a time). Then, you can move on to reverse crunches on the stability ball for your ab muscles.

Listen to your body and stop if you feel any discomfort in your lower back.

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