Best Ab Exercise With Cables for the Internal Oblique and External Oblique Muscles

This might be the best ab exercise with cables for the internal and external obliques.

There are many great cable exercises for the abs and core, below are pictures for overhead cable side bends.

2 Arm Overhead Cable Side Bends

Starting Position: Begin by attaching a rope to the top part of a cable machine. Grasp the rope with both hands, and stand far enough away from the cable column so that your body can bend towards the cable machine at the starting position.

Form: Exhale and while keeping your arms straight over your head, bend your waist away from the cable machine. Hold for a brief second and then return to the starting position.

best ab exercisesbest ab exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Do your best to use your arms as a way to transfer the weight from the machine to your abdominals. If you focus on keeping your arms straight, it should increase how much you feel this exercise in your waist. But you will definitely feel some muscle work in your arms.

Do your best to keep your hips stable and focus on moving from the waist and spine more so than the hips.

Perform 10-15 reps per side, and always listen to your body and build up slowly when trying new exercises.


If you don't have access to a cable machine, try another exercise from the Picture Directory of Abdominal Exercises, or visit the page on oblique exercises.

Also, read my article on finding the best ab exercise for your workouts, and don't forget to have fun working out.

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Dr. Charles

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