Rotating Side Plank with the Trx System
Best Oblique Exercises for Men and Women

Some of the best oblique exercises for men and women can be done with a Trx suspension system.

Like the Bosu Ball or the Stability Ball, the Trx adds an element of instability to core exercises, and this makes the core exercises a little more challenging than when they are done on a stable surface.

You can do Isometric or Moving Side Planks from your elbow with the trx, but if you want to seriously challenge your stability and obliques try adding a rotational movement to the trx side plank.

Seriously Hard Core Trx Oblique Exercise
Side Planks with Rotations

Starting Position: Begin by securing your feet in the trx straps. Place your elbow right underneath your shoulder and extend your opposite arm up towards the ceiling.

Form: While keeping your body parallel to the floor, reach through with your top arm while rotating your body towards the floor. Hold for a brief second and then rotate back up to the starting position.

trx oblique exercises

trx oblique exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: It may take you a few tries to get a feel for this exercise. If you move in a slow and controlled manner, it will help you to maintain your balance.

Perform 5-15 reps on each side for 1-3 sets.

If you don't have access to a trx, check out this list of all the best oblique exercises for men and women.


The Trx system is a fun and challenging tool to work your core and your entire body, and the cool thing is that you can set it up in your home with the door stop or take it out to the park for an outdoor workout.

If you gym has a trx great, but you don't always need a gym to get a great workout.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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