2 of the Best Bicep Exercises to
Include in Your Bicep Workouts

This site is primarily about the abs, but here are 2 of the best bicep exercises for your bicep workouts.

You can also visit my other site www.All-About-Arm-Exercises.com to learn more arm toning exercises and bicep building exercises.

This page shows you the form and pictures for barbell curls and dumbbell bicep curls.

Every exercise can be used by men and women, strength training can benefit everyone.

If your goal is to significantly increase your strength and build the most amount of muscle, choose a weight that will cause your biceps to fatigue between 5-10 repetitions.

If your goal is to get in better shape, increase your strength, tone up your arms, or build endurance, choose a weight that causes you to fatigue between 10-15 repetitions.

Below are the pictures for two of the best exercises for a bicep workout.

Bicep Strengthening Exercises: Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Starting Position: Simply begin by standing with your feet parallel and facing forward. Grasp the dumbbells with your palms facing forwards.

Form: Exhale and curl the dumbbells towards your chest. Hold for just a brief second and then slowly lower to the starting position.

bicep exercisesbicep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Always move in a controlled manner so momentum doesn't take over and maintain proper form.

When the weight is too heavy, you will have a tendency to sway and use your lower back to help lift the weight. Engage your core muscles so that your lower back and pelvis remain stable.

There will also be a tendency for the shoulder to tip forwards during this exercise. Make sure you keep your scapulas (shoulder blades) down and back as you lift.

Bicep Strengthening Exercises: Barbell Curls

Starting Position: Stand with your feet parallel. Grasp the bar with your hands about shoulder width apart and your palms facing up.

Form: Exhale and curl the barbell towards your chest. Hold for a brief second and the top and then slowly lower to the starting position.

bicep exercisesbicep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: The standard Olympic Bar in the gym weights 45 pounds, but there are shorter Olympic bars and "Body Bars" that vary in weight and go as low as 9 pounds (just a little heavier than a gallon of water).

So you can do this exercise with as little as 9 pounds up to over 100 pounds, depending on your strength.

The 2 difference between the dumbbell curl and the barbell curl are stability and independence.

Since the barbell is rigid you will generally have more control and more stability using the barbell.

However, with the dumbbells each side works independently so that you cannot use one arm more than the other.

They are both great bicep exercises for men and women.


Some weight lifting exercises should be a part of any overall fitness program, and weight training can be an integral part of a weight management program.

When constructing a weight lifting routine, think about balance. Work most of your major muscles if you are doing a total body workout.

These are the 2 best overall bicep exercises, so if these are the only ones you perform for your biceps you'll have strong biceps.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT
All About Abs.com

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