Core Training Tip: Develop Core Stability
With Core Stabilization Exercises

Here's a core training tip! When you increase your core stability, you will protect your lower back from injury and improve your sports performance.

Core Training is so much more than simply working your abs and lower back. The exercises you choose and how you choose to perform them will determine how your body adapts to the exercise.

You can focus on increasing your stability, strength, or speed.

--If you perform an exercise with little to no movement in your spine you will focus more on stability.
--If you focus on heavier weights, you emphasize strength gains.
--Lastly, when you perform exercises in a fast explosive way it helps more with improving your speed.

Core Stability Exercises are the most important to master because they set the foundation for efficient movement. When your body moves efficiently you will decrease your risk of back injury and improve sports performance and function.

Here's a question for you...

Is it easier to run on sand or solid ground?

It's much easier to run on solid ground because the solid ground is more stable than sand.

Think of your spine in the same way you think of the above analogy. When your spine is stable and solid, it's easier for your body to move. When your spine is stable less pressure is placed on your lower back, and when your spine is stable you run faster, throw farther and jump higher.

Core stability exercises focus on making your spine more stable. Some of the best core exercises for developing core stabilization are isometric exercises. Iso means same and metric means length, so isometric simple means same length or holding your spine in one position.

The drawing in maneuver is the first exercises for the core that I teach my clients. And the second exercise for the core that I teach my clients is the plank.

Both of these are great core training exercises, and they help to re-train your core muscles to keep your lower back stable.

What makes them focus more on stability is the fact that they involve little to no movement around the spine. Your lower back stays solid and does not move. Even if you're an athlete with no back pain, these core exercises can still improve your sports performance.

A few other core stability exercises that I recommend are bridging, back extensions on the floor, opposite arm and leg raises, and side planks.

For beginners or people with lower back problems, I generally use the above core exercises as a foundation for our core workouts.

Once you master the above core training exercises, I would recommend that you move on to core strength exercises, and from there to core power exercises.

If you want to efficiently develop strength, you need to have a base level of stability. And if you want to efficiently develop speed and power, you need to have a base level of stability.

If you do not have good core stability, you will be more likely to get injured and your sports performance will suffer.

One recommendation to incorporate this philosophy into your workout routine is to focus on stability for 1 month, then focus on strength for 1 month, and lastly focus on speed for 1 month.

By varying your core workout and working on different goals, you will keep your body in optimal condition.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles

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