TRX Knee Ins:
TRX Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

If you're into core training, then try some trx exercises to strengthen your core muscles.

The Trx is used by many professional athletes to strengthen their core and now you can train like an athlete also.

Knee ins are done from the plank position, and they can build up your arms, shoulder stabilizers, and abs. It's a great overall core exercise that works many different muscles.

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TRX Core Exercises: Knee Ins

Starting position: Simply start by securing your feet in the trx straps. After securing your feet, place your hands on the floor (or ground), while making sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders.

In the starting position your body should be parallel to the floor.

Form: Exhale and use your abs to bring your knees in towards your chest. Hold for a brief second, and then inhale as you extend your legs back to the starting position.

trx knees in for the coretrx knee ins

Personal Trainer Tips: Getting your feet secured in the straps may be the toughest part of this exercise. If you have a personal trainer or workout partner, they can help to hold the straps so that you can easily get your feet in the correct position.

You can also do knee ins with a stability ball or even gliding workout discs.

Once you master knee ins, you can try Trx Piques which are a much harder exercise.


The Trx is one of many tools that can be used to work your core muscles, and you can set it up in your home with the door stop or take it out to the park for an outdoor workout.

If your gym has a trx great, but you don't always need a gym to get a great workout. Get your own Trx and/ or buy a ball and you can work your core anywhere.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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