Bosu Ball Bicycle Crunches with the Feet Up: Best Flat Tummy Exercises for a Flatter Tummy

You can learn the best flat tummy exercises that work your stomach muscles on this site.

You can buy a bosu ball for between $100 and $200, or much cheaper if you find someone selling a used one. And many gyms have bosu balls for members to use.

The Bosu ball is a great way to work your abdominals and tummy, and doing exercises on the bosu ball will be much harder than the floor.

Below is probably the hardest tummy exercise you could do on a bosu ball. It requires balance, coordination, and lots of core strength. If you're feeling adventurous, give it a try!

Bosu Ball Tummy Exercises: Bicycle Crunches

Just balancing on the bosu ball is very hard work for the stomach muscles, and this exercise is very hard.

Starting Position: Begin by centering your back on top of the dome side of the bosu ball. Lift your feet off the floor and place your hands behind your head.

Form: Once you feel balanced, crunch your body upwards bringing your left elbow towards your right knee. Then, alternate sides bringing your right elbow towards your left knee.

ab exercises on a bosu ball

ab exercises on a bosu ballab exercises on a bosu ball

Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise is more for fun and the challenge of balancing, so don't get too frustrated if you keep losing your balance. You'll get better as your practice and your ab muscles will really burn!

The initial positioning is the key to this exercise. If your hips are too far off the ball you will tip towards your feet, and if your hips are too far on the ball your body will tip towards your head.

It's okay to touch your feet down if you lose your balance. Just move back into the starting position and continue the set. Moving slowly will help you to maintain your balance.

If this exercise is too challenging try mastering regular bosu ball crunches and then bosu ball crunches with the feet up.


The bosu ball is a great core exercise tool, and this is just one of many bosu ball stomach exercises

But remember that best flat tummy exercises and tummy toning exercises are only a part of getting a smaller waist and trimming down your tummy.

If you want to slim down your tummy, you will have to lose weight and body fat through increased activity and better eating habits.

Read my article on the #1 waist and stomach exercise myth.

Learn how weight training can speed up metabolism and learn how aerobic exercise can help you burn fat.

Learn more of the best flat tummy exercises by visiting the picture directory of stomach exercises.

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