Flexibility and Lower Back Pain

Here's a brief discussion of Flexibility and Lower Back Pain.

Back pain is a complex problem, to get a general understanding of lower back pain, read my page on potential causes of mechanical lower back pain.

This web page is only for informational purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical problems. If you are experiencing lower back pain, you should consult with a licensed health professional.

Flexibility and Back Pain

As we age our flexibility generally decreases. In addition to the aging process, prolonged sitting in front of a computer, lack of activity, sedentary lifestyles, and lack of regular stretching wreaks havoc on our posture and range of motion.

The body is an amazing machine that is built for efficient movement. However, when we lose flexibility our movement becomes much less than ideal.

Our Bodies are Master Compensators.

Take away our sight and our hearing becomes ultra sharp. Take away our hands, and we can learn to write with our feet.

Take away our flexibility in one direction, no problem the body will just move in another direction.

The problem is that when we lose range of motion and flexibility and compensate for that lack of motion, excess pressure will be placed on the area that has to compensate.

Stiffness in the joints of the mid back and upper parts of the lumbar region can increase the movement needed in the lower lumbar region.

In addition stiffness and lack of flexibility in the legs, hip joint, thigh muscles, and lower back muscles can also place extra stress on the joints of the lower back.

Flexibility and lower back pain are connected.

If your body does not move efficiently because of tight muscles around the hips and spine, extra pressure will be placed on the lower back.


Having good flexibility is important for maintaining the health of your lower back.

Try to avoid prolonged sitting, and if you work at a desk, do your best to stand up and stretch for 10 minutes at least once a day.

Here's a Stretching Tip: Sit on the floor and stretch when you're watching television.

Stretching exercises can be done daily, and the only way to maintain your range of motion is to move regularly and stretch regularly.

I hope this gives you a better perspective on Flexibility and Lower Back Pain.

Stay Active and Keep (or Start) Stretching!

Here is list of some good overall flexibility and stretching exercises.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles Inniss, Physical Therapist/ Personal Trainer

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