Fun Ab Workouts Ideas
Work Your Abs While Watching TV

You can have fun ab workouts while watching tv. You just have to be a little creative and a little motivated.

When I was in college I would often work my abs while I was watching television. it's a quick and fun way to get some extra exercise in when you're not at the gym.

I know that how we watch television is changing (i.e. digital video recorders allowing us to fast forward), but the commercials are a great time to get a few sets in.

In college, one of my favorite shows was "The Simpsons". I would lay on the floor for the entire episode an do various ab exercises throughout the 30 minute show. When I was super-motivated, I would exercise for most of the show, but when I wasn't as motivated I would just workout during the commercials.

Simple TV Ab Workout

For a simple ab workout, aim for 15-25 reps of 2-3 ab exercises during the commercial breaks of a 30 minute show. 3 commercial breaks will get you about 6 minutes of ab work, and if you want a little more exercise, try adding in the 2 minutes before your show and 2 minutes after your show.

This simple idea can get you a 10 minute ab workout from the comfort of your own home while watching your favorite show.

Fun Ab Workouts: Workout While Watching Sports

I love watching sports, and I often workout while watching sports-- sometimes at home and sometimes at the gym. It's hard for me to justify just sitting for 3 hours to watch a baseball game or a football game. But if I get a little workout in I feel much better.

Here are some fun ideas for getting in an ab workout while watching sports.

Sports like television shows have natural breaks in the action and those are the best times to do a few ab exercises.

Basketball and football have 4 quarters and a half time, which gives you 5 opportunities to exercise. Aim for 20-100 reps (of any ab exercises you choose) at the beginning of each quarter and halftime. That will give you 100-500 reps of ab exercises at the end of the game. You can focus on one exercise or you can mix up the exercises. Just have fun with it.

You might take a different approach with baseball. You can choose to do a few sets at the beginning of each inning. 1 set per inning gives you 9 sets of abs. Or you can do 2-3 sets per inning for the first 3-5 innings. You'll still catch all the action, but you'll be multi-tasking in productive way.

Conclusion of Fun Ab Workouts While Watching TV

Multi-tasking is a great way to get more physical activity into your life. And working out while watching tv is a great way to get a little more exercise in your days.

Choose your favorite abdominal exercises and try to have a little fun with your ab workouts.

Yours in Health
Charles PT/PT

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