Incredibly hard ab workout

by Kyle

OK i started working out in the gym about 6 months ago. Im only 17 so im still growing.

Well I had some ok looking abs to begin with becasue ive never had alot of body fat, but i could never get them to look any better by doing sit ups or crunches or hanging leg raises. So about 2 months ago i hired a personal trainer just so i could learn a few new ab excercises.

When i asked him WHY my abs werent getting any better he said the usual about dieting and i explained my diet. That wasn't the problem.

So he asked what i did for my excercises and when i explained them all he told me how very little they do for your abs because they focus on other muscles as well or create problems elsewhere in the body.

He gave me one exercise to work on and said go ahead do 3 sets. It burned horribly and worked my abs like ive never had em worked before.

Ive been doing that excercise ever since and i noticed results in about 2-3 weeks, working on abs about 4 times a week. Heres the exercise:

Get a workout ball or a bosu ball.

Put your tailbone in the center of the ball and lay back ont he ball so that you make an arch almost as if you were going to go into a bridge with the ball under your back.

From here sit up the slightest bit so that you no longer are making an arch. You are already working your abs in the position you are in.

From here curl your body in slightly. You will know you are doing this correctly because everytime you perform one of these your body will shake.

Keep both hands on your abs, forcing you to use your abs to pull yourself and not the swinging of you arms like so many people do during sit ups. It also helps you to know which abs you are excercising.

When you start off do small crunches on the ball in this position, and i mean very small. You should only feel your top abs working and feeling the burn if you are doing it correctly.

Once your top abs burn then sit up a little further and you should start to feel the middle abs working. Do these until both your top and middle burn, and then sit up even further, working you bottom abs.

keep going with this last set until you can go no more. It usually doesnt take long for your abs to burn if you do it correctly.

Here's a picture of the exercise: Crunches on a workout ball

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