What are the Best Love Handle Exercises?

Many people want to find the best love handle exercises, but the truth is that exercises that work the love handles do not get rid of the fat on the sides of the stomach.

Don't get me wrong, oblique exercises are a necessary part of every fitness routine, and I recommend side bends and twisting motions for my clients. But you cannot spot reduce love handles by working the muscles on the sides of your waist.

Spot reduction is the #1 Ab Exercise Myth. The infomercials and marketers keep telling you that you can use their ab machine and do 3 minutes of exercise to get rid of love handles, but this is deceptive advertising.

If you want to lose your love handles you need to decrease your body fat, and the best way to decrease body fat and lose love handles is through a comprehensive fitness routine and a healthy eating plan.

Weight Training and Cardio are both important for losing love handles, but healthy eating is probably the most important ingredient in a plan to lose love handles.

Why are Athletes Fat?

Have you ever seen fat athletes? Some basketball players come to mind. Basketball players lift weights and run up and down a court for hours every day, yet some of them are fat and overweight.

The reason a lot of athletes are overweight is not because they don't workout. The reason they are overweight is because they have horrible diets, eat burgers, fries, pizza, dessert, and drink beer.

Working out is important, but if you want to lose your love handles you really need to focus on healthy eating.


I love working my obliques and the muscles underneath the love handles, but there are no magic love handle exercises that will by themselves get rid of excess stomach fat.

Try some of the weight loss tips and diet tips on this site, or read about getting a flat stomach and 6 pack abs.

You can learn all the ab exercises on this site at the Picture Directory of Ab Exercises.

Yours in Health
Dr. Charles

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