Incorrect Lifting Technique, Incorrect Exercise Technique, and Low Back Pain

You are more likely to develop low back pain if you use incorrect lifting techniques and incorrect exercise form.

So many people injury their lower backs while lifting heavy or unwieldy objects, and sometimes it's a result of poor lifting technique.

When the lower back moves out of alignment it is more vulnerable to injury, and often people lift objects without thinking about the position of the lower back. The muscles of the lower back are especially vulnerable, when the lower back bends too far forwards. This is why people often talk about lifting heavy objects with your legs.

It is important to be mindful of your posture when lifting things at work or around the house. Also, one thing that many gym goers might neglect is lifting dumbbells and barbells with good posture. The heavy dumbbells are often on the lower racks and sometimes dumbbells are on the floor.

You should be mindful of how you lift dumbbells when in the gym. Use your legs, and bend from your knees. Don't just bend from your waist and pick up dumbbells.

Incorrect Posture and Form During Exercises

There are 2 main problems with posture during exercise, and both involve having the lower back out of alignment. Often, the lower back is overly arched, which happens typically during exercises like squats, the overhead press, or the bench press.

The other common misalignment occurs when the lower back is curved and hunched forward too much. This commonly occurs during squats, dead lifts, the seated row, or the bent over row.

When you are doing most weight lifting exercises, it is important to engage your core muscles in order to maintain a neutral and solid spine. If your spine is not stable and moves excessively during weight lifting exercises, you will likely place excess stress on your lower back.

Also, pay attention to your posture when you are using cardio machines. Stand up straight and use your muscles to keep your lower back, shoulders, and head in good alignment.


You can decrease your risk of developing low back pain by paying attention to your posture both when you are lifting objects (like boxes) and also when you are doing weight training exercises or cardio at the gym.

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Dr. Charles Inniss Physical Therapist/ Personal Trainer

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