I Agree with this guy about his ab story, I really tend to overdo it but if I don't do it the way I am doing it I feel like I did my abs no justice otherwise. I usually take a whole day where I dedicate it to abs, I work top portion followed by the lower potion followed by the sides or obliques.

Here is what it usually consist of.

top portion
30-50 Ball sit ups with 10-25lb weight behind the head not on your chest.
30-50 ball crunches with 10-25lb weight
30-50 descending crunches meaning I start from the top of the situp and lower half way down. 10-25lb

in between each set i usually do about a 30-60sec plank on the ground or on the ab wheel. Sometimes I will start my workout with dragon flags since my stomach is at it strongest.

lower portion
leg raises on the ball leg fully extended out, you can wedge the ball between something to keep it stable and you might need something to hold on to, if you have a weak core or back do not attempt or you will hurt your back.

then do leg raises holding onto the bar, do not swing your body and let momentum do the work focus or using your lower abs to perform the exercise,

then do reverse crunches on the ball 30-50 reps
then do V ups 30-50 times
then 30 50 frog kicks,

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