Oblique Ab Exercises are
Great Ab Exercises for Athletes in Rotational Sports

If you're an athlete oblique ab exercises should be an important part of your ab workouts.

Oblique exercises are especially important if you are in a sport that requires rotational power and stability.

Functional Training is a popular term in fitness and sports training. Functional training simply means that you must train the body to be prepared for the functions required of it on a daily basis. If you want to get better at a specific function then you must practice that function.

In many fitness programs there is less emphasis on ab machines and workout machines because the machines do not generally carry over as well to the functional demands of everyday living or sports training activities.

Here's an example of functional training. Think about a traditional crunch ab machine... you only move forwards and backwards. When you use an ab machine you only teach your body to move in one direction and in one plane of motion, but sports are multi-planar and require your body to move in many planes of motion.

This is why oblique ab exercises are important for athletes. Athletes have to twist and bend and throw and jump. In order to create power and move quickly when changing directions, the obliques have to be strong, and in order to decrease the chance of injury athletes should include oblique exercises in their workouts.

Here are some good oblique exercises for athletes.
Medicine Ball Russian Twist
Standing Cable Twists
Standing Cable Chops
Side Bends on a 45 Degree Slant Board
Moving Side Planks

If you're a baseball player or golfer oblique exercises are extremely important. In fact, it you're in any throwing, swinging, running, or jumping sport oblique exercises are important. In addition, if you are in any contact sport or combat sport oblique exercises are important. Basically, if you're an athlete in any sport oblique exercises are important.

Even if you're not an athlete it's still important to include oblique exercises into your work. Read more about oblique exercises.

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