The BEST ab routine on the planet!

by Jon W
(Phoenix, AZ)

Overhead Squat 1 set of 12 (Core)

Suitcase Deadlift 1 set of 15

Medicine Ball Slam 1 set of 10
Wood Chopper 1 set of 15

Band Crunch 3 sets of 15

Weighted Crunch (With rope you use for tricep pull downs) 3 / 15

Hanging leg raises 3 / 15

Incline Bench Hip Thrust 3 / 15

Side Plank 2 sets of 1 min (each side)

Hanging Oblique Crunch 3 sets of 20

You really need to dedicate an entire day to abs, or mix it in with your legs. If you really want to see the abs that you are going to have to work for you need to eat right.

Don't go and buy a bunch of expensive JUNK that SAYS it will give you results!!!!!!!!

Just google carb cycling, if you aren,t aware of what that is, just know it is what Pro BB's do about 2 weeks before shows to get super lean. GL

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