Upper Back Exercises can
Increase Shoulder Stability, Strengthen your Rotator Cuff, and Improve your Posture

Upper back exercises and back strengthening exercises are important for maintaining good posture, protecting the shoulder from injury, and improving sports performance.

If you have read my page on core exercises for a better body, then you understand that the core is much more than just the abs and lower back.

The core is the entire trunk, and it includes the hip girdle and shoulder girdle. A good core exercise program must include exercises to strengthen the upper back and rotator cuff muscles.

Here's a good exercise for the upper back and rotator cuff muscles.

Upper Back Muscles and Good Posture

When you look at the shoulders of most people, they have a tendency to roll forward and turn inwards. When the shoulders are out of position, there is more pressure on the rotator cuff and less stability in the shoulder joint.

Generally speaking, tightness in the muscles on the front of the shoulder and weakness in the muscles in the back of the shoulder accompanies bad posture at the shoulders.

So a simple remedy is to stretch the front of the shoulders and chest and strengthen the upper back muscles.

This is a simplified explanation, but upper back exercises can help to keep the shoulders in good posture.

Upper Back Muscles and Shoulder Injury

This is just a brief over view of how the upper back muscles help to protect your shoulder from injury.

Note: If you have shoulder pain, you should consult with a health professional in person. This site is not intended as medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat injury.

Remember, when you are in bad posture you have more pressure on your shoulder and less control. Increasing strength and stability increases control of your shoulder and decreases the likelihood of injury.

The upper back muscles are often neglected in strength training programs, and this can result in a muscle imbalance. The muscles in the front of the shoulder are generally really strong and, they can over-power the smaller muscles of the upper back.

By strengthening the upper back muscles, you can protect your shoulder from injury especially if you are participating in any upper body sports such as swimming, golfing, baseball or anything that involves swinging or throwing.

Upper Back Exercises and Sports Performance

All movement is initiated from your core, so a stronger core means better faster movements.

For upper body activities such as throwing the abs and lower back are really important, but so too is the shoulder joint.

If your shoulder blade is more stable, then your other upper body muscles will be able to generate more speed and power.


Upper back exercises are important for
Maintaining good posture
Protecting your shoulder from injury and
Increasing sports performance.

The upper back muscles help to hold your shoulders back, take pressure of the rotator cuff, and keep the shoulder blade stable.

The shoulder blade is the connection between the trunk and the arm, and it is important to exercise to keep your shoulder blades stable.

It is important to include upper back exercises in your core workout.

Take Care

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