Best Waist Exercises and Best Tummy Exercises
Oblique Side Crunches with Heel Touches

This site has pictures and instructions of all the best waist exercises and tummy exercises.

This page shows pictures for an exercise that works the front of the stomach and sides of the waist. But remember that if you want a flat sexy stomach you'll need more than exercises for the waist.

If you want to slim your waist, you will have to lose weight and body fat through increased activity and better eating habits.

Read my article on the #1 waist and ab exercise myth.

Okay, just below are pictures and instructions for an simple waist and tummy exercise.

Waist and Tummy Exercise:
Side Bending Oblique Crunches with Heel Touches

Starting Position: Begin in the crunch position with your hips bent to about 90 degrees and your hands at your sides.

Form: Exhale and crunch your body forwards and reach for your right heel with your right hand. Touch your right heel and then return to the starting position. Repeat 10-25 times on the right side, rest and then repeat 10-25 times on the left side.

best ab exercises and stomach exercisesbest ab exercises and stomach exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: You can perform this stomach exercise in two ways, you can do all the repetitions on one side and then rest before switching sides, or you can alternate sides moving from the left and right.

If your neck gets tired, you can use one arm to support your head while focusing on one side at a time.


There are many different waist and tummy exercises, but remember that tummy toning exercises are only a part of getting a smaller waist.

You must also eat a healthy diet and have a well-rounded fitness routine that include light weight training and cardio.

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