Reverse Ab Crunch with a Medicine Ball
Medicine Ball Abdominal Exercises

The reverse ab crunch with a medicine ball is an easy medicine ball abdominal exercise to master, and it can really challenge your core muscles.

Adding a medicine ball to reverse crunches will help you to increase your overall core strength. Your abdominals and inner thigh will work much harder when you have to hold a medicine ball between your knees.

Below are the pictures of medicine ball reverse crunches.

Medicine Ball Reverse Crunches

Starting Position: Begin by lying on your back and place a medicine ball between your knees. Place your hands behind your head or next to your sides.

Form: Exhale and slowly lower your feet towards the floor. Focus on keeping your abs engaged so that your lower back remains stable. When your feet are about 1 inch from the floor, hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

best medicine ball ab exercisesbest medicine ball ab exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Move in a slow and controlled manner and make sure to keep good form to protect your lower back.

If you are a beginner try mastering reverse crunches with no extra weight first and then try adding a medicine ball between your knees.

And if this exercise becomes too easy, you can try progressing to medicine ball leg lifts.

Conclusion Medicine Ball Reverse Crunches

The reverse ab crunch is just one of many medicine ball ab exercises. The medicine ball can be a great tool for core workouts and ab workouts. You can hold a medicine ball between your feet to add resistance to your lower body or you can hold it in your hands to add resistance to the upper body during core exercises.

If you don't have access to a medicine ball you can use any other form of weight to add to the challenge. Visit the picture directory of abdominal exercises to learn other ab exercises for your workouts or try one of the free ab workouts.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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