Easy Lower Back Workout with 2 Lower Back Exercises and 1 Lower Back Stretch

This page has instructions for an easy lower back workout that can help to strengthen your lower back muscles.

The workout uses two beginner lower back exercises and includes a lower back stretch in between each set.

The first exercise is the lower back extension from the floor. This back exercise is followed by the child's pose lower back stretch, and the second lower back exercise is kneeling opposite arm and leg raises. Rest and repeat this 3 exercise circuit 1-2 additional times.

Below are the pictures for the workout, you can click on the picture to learn more about the exercise.

Lower Back and Core Workout

Lower Back Exercise #1: Floor Back Extensions

lower back exercises

This is a simple low back exercise.

Simply lie on the floor and lift your chest off the floor using your lower back muscles. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

Perform 10-25 repetitions. The lower back muscles are postural muscles and can be conditioned for strength and endurance. Choose a repetition range that challenges you muscles.

Lower Back Exercise #2: Child's Pose Stretch

lower back stretches

After you finish the lower back extensions on the floor, transition into the child's pose lower back stretch.

The child's pose (sometimes called prayer stretch) is a popular yoga pose that helps to stretch out the lower back.

Hold this stretch for 20-30 seconds and then move on to the next exercise.

Lower Back Exercise #3: Quadruped Opposite Arm and Leg Raises

lower back exercises

Quadruped simply means on all fours (literally 4 feet).

The quadruped opposite arm and leg raise is sometimes also called the bird dog exercise because it simulates the position that the hunting dog assumes when it knows the direction of the downed bird.

This is a great core stability exercises and a great lower back exercise.

The goal is to raise the opposite arm and leg while keeping the pelvis and lower back as stable as possible.

Perform 10-15 repetitions on each side and then rest for 30-90 seconds before going back to the first exercise in the workout.

Repeat all three exercises 1-2 times for a total of 2-3 times for each exercise.


It is really important to strengthen the lower back muscles. This is an easy lower back workout that beginners should be able to master pretty quickly.

If you want to make up your own core workout, choose exercises from the picture directory of lower back exercises and/ or the picture directory of ab exercises and choose your favorites.

Have fun working out.
Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles

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