Core Exercise Equipment Comparison
Bosu Ball versus Reebok Core Board

Here's a comparison of two pieces of core exercise equipment-- the Bosu Ball and the Reebok Core Board.

Both pieces of equipment have benefits and advantages over each other, so we'll talk about how you can use both.

#1 1 Leg Balance Exercises

Balancing exercises are an important component of a core workout. When you stand on 1 leg, your center of gravity shifts, and your core muscles work to keep you from falling over.

Reebok Core Board: The core board is great for 1 leg balancing. The core board tips from side to side and front to back, and when you stand off the center of the board it wobbles even more.

Bosu Ball: The Bosu Ball is curved on the top and very unstable. Most people shake much more on the bosu ball, and some people have a very hard time just standing on 1 leg. The benefit of the instability is that it really challenges coordination, but because it is so challenging not everyone can do it.

In the gym, people stand on both sides of the bosu ball, but some authorities suggest that it is not recommended that you stand on the bosu ball with the curved/ domed side down because of safety reasons.

I personally prefer doing and teaching 1 leg balance exercises on the Reebok Core board. Because the core board is flat and it better preserves the alignment of the ankle, knee, and hip.

Lower Body and Jumping Exercises on Core Exercise Equipment

You can use both the Bosu Ball and the Core Board for lower body exercises, such as squats and lunges and also jumping exercises like side hops.

In my opinion, the Reebok Core Board is a superior tool for jumping and lower body exercises. The reason that I feel the core board is a better tool has to do with protecting the ankle, knee, and hip joints.

Because the bosu ball is curved, it is very difficult to maintain good alignment even when you're just trying to balance on 1 leg. I personally would not advise people to jump on the bosu ball (especially on 1 leg) because I believe the risk of injury is much higher than if you jump on a firmer surface.

Core Exercise Equipment Comparison: Ab Exercises like Crunches and V-sits

When I worked with Reebok, we did crunches and a few other ab exercises on the core board, but I never found them comfortable or preferable to the floor.

In regards to ab exercises, the bosu ball is superior to the core board.

In my opinion, the bosu ball was probably invented because people were standing on exercise balls in gyms all across the country. However, exercise balls are not designed for standing, and I personally know a few people who were injured when the fell off a ball doing squats.

With a half ball, you can stand on it with the risk of falling head over heels.

Okay, here's what makes the Bosu Ball superior to the core board for ab exercises. Because the bosu ball is curved, you can get increase range of motion through the spine in a similar fashion as the exercise ball.

In addition, the instability of the bosu ball increases the challenge to the abdominal muscles.

So the bosu ball is superior for ab exercises.


There's my take those two pieces of core exercise equipment. I personally prefer to use the Reebok core board for standing balance and lower body exercises, and I prefer the Bosu Ball for ab exercises.

Every exercise has risks and benefits, so maintain good form and have fun.

If you're searching for new ab exercises, check out the Directory of Abdominal Exercises.

Yours in Health,
Charles Inniss PT/PT

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