Great Core Workout
From Kim Strother of Ford Model TV

Here's a great core workout video from Kim Strother of Ford Model tv.

It features 3 core exercises done with the physioball and 1 total body exercise done with the medicine ball.

The exercise ball is a great tool for core exercises because it challenges stability, and the medicine ball is a great way to add some resistance to functional movements.

The first core exercise is the Prone Pike (or Physioball Roll Ins). You must have enough upper body strength to support your body. This is a total body core exercise that focuses on the abdominal muscles, shoulders, and front of the hips.

You can read more about the technique of this exercise on the page for advanced stability ball ab exercises.

The second core exercise is physioball hamstring curls. The core is much more than just the abdominals and lower back muscles. The core also includes the shoulder girdle and the hip girdle.

Here are some additional thigh and butt exercises on the ball.

The third core exercise is physioball crunches. This is one of my favorite core exercises, and it's one that I teach to almost all of my personal training clients.

Read about the benefits of using a physioball (or exercise ball) for your ab crunches.

The fourth exercise is a total body exercise using the medicine ball. The medicine ball is just another way to add resistance to your muscles.

The squat, curl, press works nearly every muscle in your body, so it is an efficient exercise that will get your heart pumping and help you burn a ton of calories.

In addition to the squat, curl, press you can use a medicine ball to directly work your abdominal muscles. Here are some medicine ball ab exercises.

Check out all the abdominal exercises on this site at the
Directory of Abdominal Exercises

Or try one of these free ab workouts.

I hope all these tools help you to get a great core workout.

Keep working hard.

Yours in Health,
Charles Inniss Physical Therapist/ Personal Trainer

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