Stability Ball Scissor Leg Raises:
Lower Ab Exercise and Lower Stomach Exercise

Leg raises with a stability ball is a great lower ab exercise. This page will teach you how to do scissor leg raises using a stability ball.

The Stability Ball is a great tool for stomach workouts. In the exercise below it add some resistance to the stomach muscles and the leg muscles.

Scissor Position Leg Raises with a Stability Ball:
Lower Abdominal and Lower Stomach Exercise

Starting Position: While lying on your back, place a stability ball between your feet. Place one leg on the top of the ball and place the other leg on the bottom of the ball. Do your best to keep your legs straight and your feet pointing towards the ceiling. Place your arms out to the side for support.

Form: Gently squeeze the ball together with both legs, and then inhale as you lower your legs towards the floor. Hold for a brief second at the bottom of the range of motion without letting your feet rest on the ground and then lift your legs back to the starting position.

Perform 5-10 with one leg on top and then switch legs and perform the same number on the opposite side.

flat stomach exercise, lower abdominal exercisesflat stomach exercise, lower abdominal exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: You can make this exercise much more challenging by really squeezing your legs together. Try to squeeze as hard as you can with your legs-- think about smashing the stability ball with your legs.

Do your best to keep your legs straight and your feet pointing towards the ceiling at the top of the exercise.

If you have difficulty keeping your legs straight when you hold the ball between your feet, it may be a sign of tight hamstrings (the muscles on the back of your thigh). If you have tight muscles, add some hamstring stretches to your workout.

Use a comfortable range of motion. The closer your feet move towards the floor the more challenging this exercise is for the stomach muscles and the lower back muscles.

This exercise can place a lot of tension on the lower back, so be very mindful of how your lower back feels throughout.

Only lower your legs as far as you can control your lower back. If you feel your lower back arching as you lower your legs reverse direction and don't lower as far towards the ground.

This is an advanced lower ab exercise, so try first mastering regular leg raises if you are new to working out.


The stability ball can make your stomach workouts more fun and more challenging, so incorporate a stability in your workout whenever you can.

But if you don't have access to a stability ball, don't worry. Try another lower ab exercise.

Visit the Picture Directory of Abdominal and Stomach Exercises to find a lower ab exercise for your workout or try one of the free abs workouts on this site.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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