7 Steps to Losing Belly Fat Forever

Lesson #2: To Lose Belly Fat Fast
Avoid Sugar like the Plague

If you want to lose belly fat fast you need to decrease your intake of refined highly processed sugar.

Lesson 2: The #1 Nutrition Rule For Losing Belly Fat

Nutrition plays a huge role in weight management and the accumulation of belly fat, but I bet you knew that already.

Nutrition is an industry that frustrates me as a health professional. The reason I get frustrated is that there are many nutritionists that fight amongst each other about what is healthy and what is not. This leaves the consumers like you and me wondering who to trust.

I've read many of the popular nutrition books and continually study nutrition, and the one thing that every nutritionist agrees upon is that you should limit your intake of highly processed sugar if you want to lose weight and stay healthy.

The #1 Nutrition Rule to follow to Lose Belly Fat Fast is... Avoid highly processed sugar like the plague!

Why Avoid Processed Sugar?

When you eat foods with sugar in them, your blood sugar rises. When your blood sugar rises, your body secretes the hormone insulin to help lower your blood sugar. This is a normal process of digestion.

However, if you eat a lot of sugar, your blood sugar rises too quickly, and your body releases a large amount of insulin. The large amount of insulin forces your blood sugar to drop quickly and dramatically. When your blood sugar drops dramatically, you may feel sleepy, fatigued, light headed, or hungry.

Eating large amounts of sugar, throws your hormones and your metabolism out of whack.

Another important note is that insulin is a storage hormone. It helps the body to store sugar and fat. When your insulin level and sugar level are high, your body will not release fat for energy.

It is very hard to lose fat when you eat a ton of sugar because sugar raises insulin and insulin causes your body to store fat.

In the 1980's many of the popular diet plans recommended getting rid of all the fat in your diet if you wanted to lose weight, but fat has very little effect on the hormone insulin.

Now, most of the diet plans recommend decreasing your sugar consumption if you want to lose weight. Some nutritionist believe that limiting sugar is more important than limiting fat if you want to lose belly fat fast and get a flat stomach.

Why aren't the French as Fat as Americans?

This is a question that baffled people for a long time. The French are known for drinking wine and eating cheese and other fatty foods, but they don't suffer from obesity at the same rate as Americans. This is known as the French Paradox.

But, take a closer look at diet habits and you'll find that the French consume very little highly processed sugar each year-- about 5 pounds of sugar per person. Compare that with Americans who consume about 150 pounds of sugar per person every year, and you'll see the major difference.

150 pounds of sugar calories that provide no nutritional value is the reason so many people gain fat around their stomach. So, if you want to lose belly fat fast you should avoid highly processed sugar like the plague.

The worst culprits are sugar laden drinks and colas, candy and dessert of any kind, white bread, white rice, white pasta, and sneaky foods like crackers and snacks.

You'll be amazed at what will happen to your waistline if you avoid highly processed sugar everyday for 1 week. Try giving up dessert and soda for 1 week and see what happens. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to shrinking your waistline, you'll likely sleep better and have much more energy throughout the day.

I'll be in touch in a couple of days to talk about stomach exercises, but until then keep your processed sugar intake as low as possible.

Take Care
Yours in Health
Dr. Charles

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