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Personal Training Secrets to
Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach

What is an ebook?

An Ebook is an Electronic Book.

The Ebook Personal Training Secrets to Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach is compiled as a pdf (portable document format) and you must have adobe reader in order to view the ebook. Adobe Reader is a free software available at Free Adobe Download

When will I have access to my ebook?

You will have access to your ebook immediately following your purchase. Once the payment is processed you will be taken to a download page where you will be able to open and save a copy of the ebook to your computer.

Can I send copies of the ebook to my friends?

You may not share or sell this ebook, without written prior notice.

The ebook Personal Training Secrets is protected by copyright laws and the distribution or redistribution of this ebook without prior authorization is a violation of the law. Those found in violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I'm a guy can I benefit from your ebook?

There are many fitness, nutrition, and motivational principles that are universal and beneficial for both men and women. Men have purchased the ebook and found much of the information useful. There are pictures of over 50 ab exercises and 100 ab workouts, a flexibility chapter, back pain section, anatomy section, physiology section, and motivational section that applies equally for men and women.

How do I request a refund if I am not satisfied with the purchase?

I put my all into writing the ebook Personal Training Secrets to Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach and I am confident that you will find the information useful and valuable. But, if for some reason, you feel that the ebook is not valuable you can simply send an email to the payment processor (clickbank.com) and they will refund your purchase price.

You have 8 full weeks to request a refund. I have done my best to give you a comprehensive overview of the ebook, so that you have a good understanding of the product contents. For an even better overview of the book contents view The Table of Contents

I hope this information is clear and I hope you allow me the privilege of being your personal trainer and fitness coach.

Yours in Health,

Charles A. Inniss, Jr. Physical Therapist/ Personal Trainer

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